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Map Collaboration

This page is devoted to working together on various mapping projects including mapping and photographing each ghost bike in Tucson and suggesting bike infrastructure projects.

The maps can be edited by anyone with a Google login.

View HAWK signals in Tucson in a larger map

View inadequate bike parking in a larger map

View Tucson Ghost Bikes in a larger map

View Tucson bicycle infrastructure improvements in a larger map

Based on a suggestion from a reader, I have created this map for the Tucson cycling community to collaborate on what parts of Tucson’s cycling infrastructure they would like to see improved.

To edit the map, click on the “View Tucson bicycle infrastructure improvements in a larger map” link. Once the page is open click on the “save to my maps” button. Once you have done that, you can begin adding your own points to the map.

You can easily drag the balloon icon to an intersection or stretch of road and add text or photos to it. Be sure to click save when you are done.

Check out Google’s guide to mapping for more help. If you run into trouble, feel free to email me.

We can discuss the improvements in the comment section of this page.