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Man arrested for killing cyclist

Ran across this story on KVOA’s site:

TUCSON – Tucson Police have arrested and booked a man in connection with a fatal traffic accident involving a bicyclist and car.

Investigators say James Walley was riding a motorized bicycle on Prince Rd., near Fairview March 26th.

The suspect, Robert Young was in his vehicle, and according to police made a turn ahead of Walley, who collided with Young’s vehicle.

Walley was transported to a hospital where he died the next day.

Detectives on the scene noticed Young displaying signs and symptoms consistent with alcohol intoxication.

Young is facing one count of second degree murder.


i like riding my bike i also like to pay my bills. but when all the bikes get together and block the only road to my job i cant make any money so would you please set up a fund to pay people like me who lose money when you block the road.

Larry Robinson
Larry Robinson

The down side is he was probably arrested for killing someone while D.U.I. and has nothing to do with killing someone on a bicycle.