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Photos: Wacky Tucson bicycle cockpits

photobars1 photo bars2

I spotted this asymmetrical handlebar beauty on my way into work a while back.

It’s certainly one of the stranger ones I’ve seen, I think, because of the asymmetry of the setup.

As wild looking as this setup is, I’m confident there are more extreme examples, but I need your help spotting them.

If you see a great handlebar setup, snap a photo and send me an email and we’ll start a gallery.

Here’s another one I snapped several years ago.




Sort of like BSNYC 'Cockies' contest?


The top one is probably the work of someone who wanted to ride in a more upright position.  They rotated the bars and moved the brake levers, but are struggling to find optimal positions for the levers.

The second picture is a bigger challenge to imagine the purpose.  Perhaps its owner has some sort of a skeletal or muscular condition that requires an unorthodox bar situation.  On the other hand, the owner may do a lot of walking beside the bike and that bar setup helps with that. 

Thems is my wild guesses.