Tucson is among one of 10 cities selected by the national advocacy organization People for Bikes to participate in an intensive bicycling program. 

The three year program called Big Jump Project will provide money and expertise to help Tucson increase bicycle ridership is a specific area. The goal is to double or triple the number of bicycle riders in the focus area, which will include neighborhoods on the south and west side. 

“Tucson’s Focus Area includes the City of South Tucson and the Rose, Fairgrounds, Menlo Park, South Park, and Pueblo Gardens neighborhoods. This area was selected because of the upcoming bicycling infrastructure projects and the need to make bicycling safer and more accessible for residents,” the city wrote in a newsletter announcing the selection. 

According to a press release Tucson, “will annually receive the equivalent of $200,000 in technical support from PeopleForBikes, as well as an additional $50,000 in matching funds or financial commitments from local organizations.”

The other cities selected are, New York City; Baltimore, Memphis, Tenn, Los Angeles, Portland, Ore, New Orleans, Fort Collins, Colo, Austin, Texas, and Providence, R.I.

The Big Jump Project-HD from PeopleForBikes on Vimeo.

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