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I’m excited to welcome Rocks and Ropes as the newest sponsor of Bicycle Tucson. Climbing has quickly becomes one of my favorite things to do. It’s clear by the almost constantly full bike racks that I am not alone. If you haven’t tried climbing you really should. Here’s a little more information about Rocks and Ropes.

How would you describe Rocks and Ropes?


Rocks and Ropes is one of the oldest climbing gyms in the United States.  It is possibly the oldest gym that is still in its original location.  The Tucson climbing scene has an old school feel and our gym has that same feel.  Many of our members climb indoors and outdoors, which is becoming less and less of the norm in our industry.  We like that our facility is a community gathering place for folks who have climbed for years and those new to the sport.

Why do people climb at Rocks and Ropes?


I think people climb in our gym because it’s a fun place to be active.  Our product – the routes and boulder problems – is kept fresh and engaging for all ability levels.  If you’ve ever been in on a busy Tuesday or Thursday night you will get a glimpse of the community feel.  There is almost always an impromptu community potluck going at the end of the front desk counter space.  People are talking and laughing with each other in between trips up the wall.  It’s refreshing to see that as opposed to a bunch of folks with headphones on ignoring one another.

Why is climbing a great activity?


I think climbing appeals to people because it’s not monotonous.  It’s a great activity that requires your physical and mental focus. 

What are the three top things you would want a prospective customer to know about Rocks and Ropes?


  1. You can do this.  Climbing is not extreme.  It is safe and it’s a natural activity for most people.
  2. Climbing is for ALL ability levels and ages.
  3. You will get hooked!  There are few physically activities as addictive as climbing.

What’s the history of Rocks and Ropes?


That’s a long story.  We have been in business for 22 years as of October 2014.  We opened the BLOC climbing + fitness in 2012.  We have hosted National level competitions, high level youth competitions, and clinics and presentations from more famous climbers than I could easily list.  We love Tucson!  As I said above, our community has a great feel to it.  We are also surrounded by outdoor climbing that has everything from user friendly areas to adventure climbing.  Rocks and Ropes will always be proud to be part of the Tucson climbing community and its history.    

How do you support the outdoor community?


Most recently we hosted the Access Fund at our facility to promote an Adopt-a-Crag event in Cochise Stronghold.  Our youth climbing team also worked with the American Alpine Club to assist in a cleanup of a climber’s campground near Hueco Tanks, TX during an outdoor trip.  We are always looking for ways to encourage and promote stewardship of our outdoor recreation resources. 

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