This person didn’t hold back with the bike thief hate:

low life peice of shit bike thieves (tucson)

to the low life peice of shit that stole my room mates motorized bike from are trailer at prince and stone area if you are the peice of shit that took it then you know what bike i am talking about i hope it makes you feel good to steel a bike from a 60 year old man that works hard for a living and his bike was his only transportation to his appointments and not to memtion his everyday job he had alot of time and money into that bike he loved that bike i hope you are hit by a car while riding it and hurt badly that is plain out fucked up if you are such a peice of shit and so low to steel someones pride and joy then you deserve what ever happens to you get a job you dick head and let someone steel your shit and see how you like it return the bike i will pull this add and make sure everyone knows that the bike was returned and you are not such a bad person

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