I got this email from a reader who lives in Sahuarita alerting Shootout riders to roadway changes along their route:

For those inclined to do the shoot-out….

Vehicle traffic is now located on both sides of the Sahuarita Road median through the Town of Sahuarita.
West bound vehicles travel in one lane on the north side of the median.
East bound vehicles travel in one lane on the south side of the median.
Vehicles travel in the “interior lanes”—those closest to the median.
There are also left and right hand turn lanes for vehicles.

The exterior lanes are not open to vehicles, but they have fresh smooth pavement.

Beware of traffic control devices: barriers, vertical panels, etc.

The final layer of rubberized asphalt is anticipated to be placed on Sahuarita Road between Oct. 11 and Oct. 15, during the SUSD fall break to reduce the impact on school traffic.

All paving and traffic control changes are dependent on seasonal weather and other construction factors that may alter the ultimate schedule.

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