Want a new bike? Use your existing bike for transportation and you will be entered to win prizes from the Tucson Bike Fest’s Two-Mile-Challenge contest.

During the month of April, cyclist are encourage to log the trips in which they use their bike for transportation on the Bike Fest Tucson website.

Doing so will enter the cyclist in a raffle for a new Linus bike or various Linus panniers.

Here’s what organizers say about the challenge:

Every year, as part of Bike Fest, we host a 2-Mile Commuter Challenge as a pat on the back to everyone who uses their bicycle for transportation during the month of April. Did you know that roughly half of all household trips in the U.S. are 2 miles or under?  It’s true, and these types of trips are totally doable by bike.

The Challenge is simple.  You simply use your bike for daily errands, log your trips, and get entered to win prizes.  On top of that, just think of how good you’ll feel — you’ll save money, get exercise, and have time to enjoy spring weather in Tucson each and every day.

To participate, head over to the Bike Fest Tucson website, login and start logging your rides.


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