Creative commons photo by Simeon87.

Thousands of visitors have descended on Tucson’s streets for the 2014 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, which means means there are even more people not looking for cyclists.

According to Visit Tucson’s gem show page, more than 55,000 people visit the show. many of them who are from out of town.

There are more than 40 events across the city, but the biggest concentration is around I-10 near downtown.

The events started on Feb. 1 and will continue to Feb. 16.

Traffic will be worse and drivers will be impatient and distracted. Be on the lookout.

Ann Chanecka, the City of Tucson’s bike and pedestrian program manager said currently the city doesn’t do anything special during the gem show. However, if and when bike share is implemented in Tucson, Chanecka said they will likely create pop-up bike share kiosks for gem show visitors to check out.

Here is a map of the gem show venues:

View TUCSON GEM & MINERAL SHOWCASE in a larger map

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