1451987_653937464656297_1315529745_nAllstate Insurance company, the City of Tucson and Living Streets Alliance have teamed up to create a bicycle and pedestrian safety campaign, which will launch Tuesday.

Tucson’s bike and pedestrian program manager Ann Chanecka said the insurance company identified Tucson as one of 14 cities across the country in which they wanted to focus on increasing safety for bicyclists and pedestrians.

“There will be a whole slew of things going on,” Chanecka said.

The “Tucson on 2” campaign will launch, Tuesday, Dec. 10, 10 a.m. at Santa Rita Park near 22nd Street and Second Avenue.

According to a FAQ from  Allstate the “‘Tucson on 2’ campaign aims to raise awareness of pedestrians and bicyclists on the road and encourage residents to enjoy Tucson on 2 wheels or 2 feet.”

On Tuesday, the partners will launch LED pedestrian and bicyclist signs advising motorists to watch out for bikes and pedestrians. There will also be bus stop ads, safety equipment like reflective backpacks and pant cuffs, window clings, and LED arm bands.

Here are some of the other activities:

1. Bus stop shelter and bench advertisements

2. Billboard advertisement if the budget allows

3. A local PSA contest

4. Editorial advertisements in the AZ Daily Star and other local print materials

5. Cyclovia events

6. Safe Routes to School curriculum

7. A bike/pedestrian safety kit giveaways

8. Ongoing infrastructure improvements from the city including installing more HAWK lights and making changes as appropriate to the roads that receive resurfacing treatments to make them safer for all users

9. A partnership with Tucson Police Department to boost enforcement for violations that put pedestrian and bicycle safety at risk, including HAWK enforcement and crosswalk stings

Check out the rest of the FAQ here.


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