Ann Chanecka
Ann Chanecka

Despite it being April 1, it’s no joke. The City of Tucson bicycle and pedestrian program will be getting a second employee in the near future.

The program’s manager Ann Chanecka said the city was awarded a $200,000 federal grant lasting two years to help the city’s bicycle and pedestrian program.

“There is too much work for one person to do in a sane manner,” Chanecka said about the decision to hire a second planner.

She is optimistic that the city will be able to get more money to retain the planner they hire, but said the listing will be for a two year position to start.

Chanecka said any money left over after the new planners salary and benefits are accounted for will be used to fund bike and pedestrian projects throughout the city.

Tucson’s bike and pedestrian program had two planners — Tom Thivener and Jennifer Donofrio — until almost four years ago when Donofrio was reassigned because of city budget woes.

Thivener left to lead Calgary’s bicycle program in May 2012 and Chanecka start in Sept. 2012

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