Bikes and beer go together like… well, bikes and beer. Add in some bike art and Kickstarter and you’ve got the start of a brewery being opened by a pair of Tucson mountain bikers.

Catalina Brewing Company has been brewing beer for several years and could often be found at the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo rolling around on a beer bike.

Now Hank Rowe and Brian Vance, the two mountain bikers behind Catalina Brewing Company, are preparing to open a taproom in Marana. They are looking toward Kickstarter to help fund the creation of a locally made bike part bar.

The bar will be built by Dane Higgins of Guru Suspension who spends his free time making art out of bike parts. They are looking for both bike parts and money to make it happen. Here’s how they describe the bar:

Over the past couple of years as we have been building Catalina Brewing Company, people constantly ask how they could help us out.  Well, what better way than to allow EVERYONE to contribute a piece – both literally and financially – to building the centerpiece of our Tasting Room – the bar itself, made out of YOUR used bicycle parts! That’s right – following our theme of “We Bike, We Brew”, our project is to have the bar fabricated out of our very own used bike parts, welded together and inlaid into epoxy for posterity sake! The frame will include laser cut logos, outlets, and of course hooks for the ladies’ purses and their guys’ man-bags. Furthermore If you “leave your mark” engraved on your part (signature, short message, etc.), you’ll always be able to come in and find your part right in the middle of it all. (Not all parts will be as easy to use as others, the flatter the better for the bar – e.g. brake rotors, chains, cogs, headset caps are great.  Brake levers, derailleurs, and other fancy parts are useable in pieces.  Wheels, pedals and frames are very useful in other ways vs the bar top)

They are hoping to raise $17,500 and have nine days to go. Of course there are rewards and they all include beer. Go check out their Kickstarter to find out more about what they are up to.


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