IMG_1922+EdiA project recently launched on Kickstarter and billed as the “little black box” for cyclists has its roots in Tucson.

Cedric Bosch, a University of Arizona Engineering  graduate and Phoenix native started working on Rideye after his friend was involved in a hit-and-rush crash on University Boulevard and Euclid Avenue.

Bosch said Rideye is a handlebar mounted camera that records a loop of video every hour and has a battery that will last a month assuming a one hour per day commute.

Bosch said the camera has sensors that detect crashes and will save the video at the time.

The camera will retail for $149, but Kickstarter backers will get the camera for $99.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign here and the Rideye website here.

As the time of this post, Rideye had raised $23,300 of the $32,000 goal with 29 days to go.


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