Maybe you’ve heard the rhetorical question about what kind of car would Jesus drive? Well, we all know that Jesus would actually ride a bike.

So maybe it’s fitting that a group of central Tucson churches are hosting a workshop series next week to explore how faith communities can be advocates for better bikeability in our city.

The Bikeable Tucson Studio, November 5 -7, will explore the intersection of active transportation, urban planning and infrastructure, equity and access for bike-dependent residents, and the role that churches have in making Tucson more bike-friendly.

Although the Studio is being organized by faith-based groups, the event is geared toward a broad audience, including sessions with presentations by Tucson Department of Transportation and Living Streets Alliance, a Q & A with the owners of Transit Cycles and Presta Coffee, a luncheon research update with UA Professor Arlie Adkins, 3 bike tours to choose from on Saturday, and a community panel discussion.

The Friday evening and Saturday sessions will be facilitated by Sean Benesh, a former Tucsonan who now lives in Portland where he drinks too much coffee, teaches, and writes on how churches can better serve effectively and reflectively in an urban context.

You can see the full schedule and register at:

By Colby Henley

Colby is a bike commuter, a volunteer with the Bicycle Advisory Committee Downtown/UA subcommittee, and member of Living Streets Alliance. He can't wait to take his new granddaughter on her first bike ride.

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