With the installation of the newest bike corral on Fourth Avenue, cyclists have more than 200 places to park their bikes.

The City of Tucson installed  the most recent 10 spaces on the southern end of Fourth Avenue  bringing the available parking to 202* spaces along the route and side streets.

The new corral was designed differently than other corrals to fit into a narrower area.

Ann Chanecka, the city’s bicycle and pedestrian program manager said the area in front of Hermano’s was too narrow to fit car parking and allow cyclists to stay out of the door zone.

The owner of Hermano’s asked Chanecka if they could add bike parking in the area. To accomodate the parking Chanecka and the downtown and urban core subcommittee of the Tucson-Pima County Bicycle Advisory Committee decided to place the racks parralell to the curb instead of perpendicular.

Check back for more stories about changes coming to bike parking on Fourth Avenue.

*The total came from a count I conducted riding up and down Fourth Avenue and the side streets. The count only excludes older racks that do not allow for a wide variety of bikes to utilize them. 


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