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The Tucson Bicycle Belles are pack at it with a ride to a fashion show on Thursday.

The Bicycle Belles is described by its founder as a “group of women cycling enthusiasts who want to share the joy of low stress cycling for everyday pleasure with other women who, for a variety of reasons, just don’t feel comfortable riding bikes by themselves.”

On Thursday, the Belles will gather at 6:45 p.m. at Old Main and ride toward a fashion exhibit at the Chase Bank located at Broadway Boulevard and Country Club Road. Balls (men) are also welcome to join the ride.

The exhibit is part of Modernism Week. Here’s what the organizers have to say about the exhibit:

Join Chase BankTucson Historic Preservation Foundation and Modernism Week for an evening Reception in one of Tucson’s great mid-century modern buildings.  The Historic Valley National Bank building now Chase Bank was named one of Tucson’s Modern 50.  The program includes highlights of Chase Bank’s Mid-century architecture.

The evening reception includes a special style exhibit by Sydney Ballesteros – No doubt about it, fashion is art: it manipulates shape, balances proportion, exploits color, showcases technique, arouses emotion and transforms its environment…all while serving an essential purpose. Like any other artistic medium, fashion also reveals as much about the time in which it was created as it does about those who created it.  It follows that mid-century fashion—created amidst the flashpoint of scientific, sexual, cultural, political, generational and industrial revolutions—should be some of the richest available. Vintage fashion is a finite resource, however, and demands preservation if it is to be appreciated firsthand in the future.  Sydney and I have made it our mission to do so, and hope to show you why it’s a worthwhile one in tonight’s exhibit, which literally puts mid-century fashion on a pedestal where it belongs.

More about this incredible building From the Modern Architecture Preservation Project of Tucson.

Learn more about the ride at the Bicycle Belles’ Facebook page.

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