The #coffeeoutside movement is taking place all over the country and social media — we even wrote about our own trail-side coffee last week — now a local shop is getting in on the action by hosting a #coffeeoutside ride.

Transit Cycles’ owner Duncan Benning (Note: Transit Cycles is a Tucson Velo sponsor) has been following the #coffeeoutside movement on social media and wanted to bring it to the Old Pueblo.

Tomorrow will be the first of several coffee rides he’ll host.

The ride will start at Mountain and Glenn and wind it’s way through midtown, University of Arizona, Fourth Avenue and into downtown Tucson where the group will stop and make coffee outside.

Benning said the ride will leave Mountain and Glenn at 5:30 a.m. (It’s the summer folks). He said he’ll stop for a few minutes at each of the three meetup spots which are, Treat and Glenn, Treat and 3rd Street, the flag pole on the University of Arizona Campus.

You can check out the map on the shop’s event page. Be sure to RSVP so he knows how many pastries to bring.

Benning said the ride will be fun and social and allow people who are already commuting by bike or curious about commuting by bike to get together and chat.

Here’s what he wrote on the event page:

Instead of grabbing a cup of Java at your closest Starbucks why not join us for a little spin and some coffee outside? Bring your favorite camp coffee brewing equipment, your bike and join us for an early morning coffee brewing session.


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