Make: Crosslake Sales (No-name)
Model: [model]
Color: Blue
Serial # :
Where stolen: 801 E. Waverly Unit B
Time: 9am-1pm
Date: 1/20/13
Type of lock: U-lock
Report #: E130200589

Unique traits: Blue Vittoria Zaffiro tires. Blue bar tape has been pushed up right near the bend on the left side of the bars. there is a custom made light (no longer working) that is attached to the stem via the bottom stem screw (the light is made up of 4 LEDs and corresponding resistors soldered to a pcb). The brake pads have been entirely worn through.

Theft description: My gate was closed when I went to run errands this morning and when I came home around 1pm the gate was wide open and my blue fixed gear and my Trek 1.2 (and their locks) were gone.

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