I got this email from a reader today. Be on the lookout for her bike.

When I got home from work today I had a note from my neighbor in the fence around my yard, saying my gate had been left open when he got home and he closed it for me (he was worried about my dog). Why my gate had gotten open, I realized in 30 seconds, was because someone had broken into my yard and stolen my bike. Here is the information I have on my bike.

The serial number: SNHE*********
The make and model: Huffy “Cranbrook” which is a black, beach cruiser style bike

I had my bicycle registered at the UA about 2 years ago when I was living there, and it has a sticker with registration from that on it as well. While I know this probably could be scraped off, it might not be so the ID from that sticker is Permit #08B1****. It is a red sticker located between the seat and the gears on the main frame right there.

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