Make: Nishiki

Model: mixtie 10 speed

Color: rose (very faded)

Serial # : can’t find where I wrote this down 🙁

Where purchased: BICAS

Where stolen: near Euclid and Speedway

Date: the weekend of Dec 14th

Type of lock: cable and  padlock

Report #: not yet

Unique traits:

She’s pretty distinct!

• women’s step-through frame with 2 parallel, adjacent top tubes that run continuously to back of bike

•solid heavy rubber tires, very worn with small chunks missing

•silver rack in back with spring clip

•road-bike break-levers which stand out as the wrong type for an upright bike

•Worn-out, black, faux-leather seat with pink and black zebra-stripe ducktape on it

•a light up rainbow colored blinkie reflector

•Black handles, beehive looking bell, orange cloth pocket, light attachments, and silk flowers on the handlebars

•Bars wrapped with string lights

•White decorative baubles hanging from seat

Theft description: stolen from front yard where it was locked on Mabel Street

If you see her, tell her to come home, please.

Please call Mead






I built her myself from used parts at BICAS. So she is very loved and missed.

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