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One year without Steve Vihel

Between a cold I’m having a hard time shaking and a two-month-old son at home, I was having a hard time sleeping last night.

I checked the traffic to my site for the day and noticed a few people were visiting from a post on and thought that was strange since I hadn’t seen anything posted about the site in a while.

I went to look and it turns out it was a post on their site linking to my story about my friend and bike shop owner Steve Vihel who died from hear failure.

I checked out date and realized Steve will have been gone for a year on Saturday.

Rereading the article and the comments people posted about him reminded me again how big his loss is to the biking community.

It’s always a little random and surprising when Steve has popped into my mind over the last year, but I know I’ll be spending my weekend remembering Steve and his family.

In addition to my post, you should read Josh Brodesky’s tribute to Steve too.

Martha Retallick
Martha Retallick

Went past the empty storefront the other day. As is my custom, I say a few words to Steve.


Steve was a big part of several communities. We in the Tucson ultimate frisbee community are kicking off a memorial award for Steve at the Hoasis tournament this weekend: We hear through friends that the Boulder, Colorado ultimate community have started a similar award for Steve. His impact was wide-spread!