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Share your cold weather riding tips (revisited)

Editor’s note: I am republishing this post, which was originally published on Nov. 29, 2010 because the next few days look to be pretty cold. Hopefully we’ll all have a few more tips to add to the comment section.

Here is what I’ve added to my closet to help with the cold weather.

I love my Buff Headwear, which is a seamless tube of merino wool that can be worn many different ways to keep my head warm. On really cold days, I wear it as a balaclava. Check out the video to see all the ways it can be worn. I picked my first one up at Summit Hut, but got the second one from REI. The wool is much more effective than the synthetic. You can get the Buff online.

I also picked up an Under Armour Heat Gear base layer on clearance from REI.

Most importantly, I found some glove/mittens that actually keep my hands warm. They are Manzella Cascade fleece convertible glove/mittens. I got them on Amazon. They keep my hands really warm, but allow me to use my fingers when I need to.

I rode with all three of these items plus a cheap fleece jacket and I was perfectly warm. Tomorrow should be colder, so it will be a better test.

Local weather reports suggest tomorrow morning’s temperature may dip in to the low twenties or high teens.

How do you stay warm during the cold days?

Share your tips in the comment section.

Update: Here is Pima County’s bicycle and pedestrian program manager, Matt Zoll’s, cold weather commuting setup:

Here’s what I have for winter gear. I think the windchill
today at 18 mph was about 21 when I rode in this morning about 5 miles.
I was pretty toasty so maybe your readers would be interested in this.

Headband – $10
Neoprene mask – $20
Windpants from Summit Hut – $50
Used windshell from Swap – $15
Used windvest from Swap – $10
Free hand me down old jacket
Used neoprene booties – $10
Heated gloves – priceless (you can also use the one-time handwarmers
that cost about 50 cents apiece, last 8 hours or so)


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