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Reports: Tucson’s Gray Wolf dies

20063_231490983982_4125300_n (1)Tucson’s Gray Wolf has died according to a Facebook post and confirmed by several members of the cycling community.

Gary Evans, also known as the Gray Wolf was an institution in the cycling community. He could be spotted riding an all black bike and a head-to-toe matching kit.

We’re are reaching out to family and friends for more information, but here is what Chet Ajsenberg posted on the Wolf’s Facebook page:

Here’s an interview with Evans from several years ago.


Awesome interview of the Gray Wolf…A real loss for the Tucson bike community.  Hopefully he is riding a sub-5lb carbon super bike down the hills with a tailwind for the rest of time!


Damn, that's sad. Tonight I will raise a pint and whisper aloud "Attack the Pack".