Tucson was ranked 15 out of 52 large cities for biking and walking levels by the Alliance for Biking & Walking in their latest benchmarking report released earlier this month. (Download the entire report here.)

Tucson moved up from the the 16 slot in 2012.

Here are the 10 most interesting tidbits about Tucson from the report:

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1. Tucson ranked 6th for percentage of the population that bikes to work and 20th for walking to work

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2. Tucson ranks 15th overall for biking and walking combined.

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3. Tucson ranked 13th for bicycle infrastructure square mile.


4. Tucson, Washington, DC  New Orleans and Portland, OR had the biggest increase of bicycle commuters across the nation compared to the 2012 report.

5. Tucson ranked 12th in per capita spending for cycling and walking

6. Tucson ranks 32nd for cycling and pedestrian deaths.

7. Tucson also ranks in the bottom half for median household income ($36,071) and density per square mile (2,301).

8. 70 percent of Tucson’s bike commuters are men. The average across all 52 large cities is 71 percent men.

9. There are 19 pedestrian deaths per 10,000 walking commuters in Tucson (Ranked 32)

10. There are 3 bicycle deaths per 10,000 bike commuters in Tucson. (Ranked 13)

One thought on “10 Tucson biking & walking facts for 2014”
  1. For #9 & #10 I assume higher is better. So #10 is a better rank than #9?
    Kinda surprised the “bike route” miles aren’t higher here.

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