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A driver in a fatal hit and run crash with a bicyclist has been arrested on second degree murder charges.

Eric Joseph Corral, 44, was arrested for allegedly striking and killing Scott Koch, 58 in Rita Ranch.

According to Tucson Police Department Corral fled the scene of the crash which was occurred on August 12 at the intersection of Valencia Road and Nexus Drive.

A Police investigation determined that Corral failed to stop at the light and struck Koch while he was crossing Valencia Road.

According to TPD, witnesses described the motorist and vehicle to the police who shared it on their radio system. An off-duty officer spotted the vehicle and relayed the information to police who were able to stop the vehicle and arrest the driver.

According to the police, speed and impairment were a factor in the crash.

In addition to the second degree murder charge Corral was charged with failing to stop for a serious injury collision and felony fleeing.

One thought on “Driver in fatal hit and run arrested for second degree murder”
  1. Three charges: 2nd degree murder, failing to stop for serious injury collision, felony fleeing. This is good, and not every victim of traffic violence gets the same consideration.

    It seems like there could be additional charges: failing to stop, failure to yield, and violating the 3-foot passing law. Additionally, if speed and impairment were factors, why are those not added to the list of charges?

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