The sharrows placed too close to the curb along Fourth Avenue will be replaced at the contractor’s expense.

Streetcar construction manager Joe Chase said the contractor will pay for the reinstallation of the sharrows.

“The entire process is at no cost to the city,” Chase said. “This is a contractor mistake on the install for the entire section on fourth avenue.”

Chase said there isn’t a scheduled date for the installation because they have to decide how to fix the pavement, which was scarred when the sharrows were removed.

“I don’t have a date pinned down on when we are going to have the reinstallation happen, he said. “We know it is going to happen. We are just trying to hammer out a what we are going to treat the scarred section.”

Additionally red paint was added to the north end and south end of Fourth Avenue implementing the no parking zones.


3 thoughts on “Fourth Avenue sharrows to be replaced at ‘no expense to taxpayers’”
  1. Nice to see progress!!!
    If you haven’t been downtown lately…it’s much more vibrant than I have ever seen it.

  2. It was refreshing seeing the nicely painted red curbs on my commute. It seems to be helping with the parking there.

  3. RandomBikeGuy 
    Progress of a sort, the pavement was damaged by the obliterating of the sharrows and the solution this is being talked about by t-dot is saw cutting out the damaged section and replacing it completely.  I’ve never seen a saw cut section that fared well over time. I’m willing to be surprised but I’m not very hopeful for the long term results.  To be fair this is not the fault of the t-dot project management team or the Tucson bike ped folks.

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