I started four and a half years ago. Since then I’ve published almost 3,000 posts and hosted more than 10,000 comments.

More than 440,000 different people from more than 150 countries around the world have stopped in over the years to check out something I’ve written. That’s pretty cool.

When I started the site, there weren’t many options for domain names. Ultimately I settled on Tucson Velo.

I’ve never felt quite comfortable with the name. It certainly conveys a message that the site is more about road cycling and racing than I’d like. I also spend a lot of time to the non-road cyclist explaining what it means. While I’m certainly a fan and recognize Tucson is a premier place for road biking, it’s not the site’s sole focus. became available a while ago and I picked it up. If you type in the domain name it forwards users to

I’m thinking about changing the name out right to I believe it is more inclusive for everyone who uses a bike regardless of the method and conveys a simple message that anyone can understand.

That said, I’ve talked individually with people and some have been passionate about keeping the name Tucson Velo and some are rooting for a change.

I’m curious, what do you think? Take the poll below and leave a comment about to why you voted the way you did.

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15 thoughts on “A new name for Tucson Velo?”
  1. Change is hard. But if you’re looking to the future of your site, bicycle tucson seems to have a much broader appeal

  2. There wasn’t an option for “either is fine”. 
    Just keep up the good work and great content and either should be fine.

  3. I like the name you’ve got. I suppose you’re right that it has a roadie connotation, but I didn’t ever think of that until I read your piece.

  4. Bicycle Tucson doesn’t flow off the mouth or keyboard easily. Tucson Velo is much more appropriate.

  5. Personally I like TucsonVelo.  It sound cooler to me, but I voted for BicycleTucson because I agree that it has a wider appeal and requires less knowledge to understand what it is.  
    Keep up the good work Mike, you are doing a true community service…

  6. I think it should remain Tucson Velo. Anyone who visits the site just once will see it is all inclusive.

  7. Perhaps you reached for the title Tucson Velo because your initial efforts in your cycling were road cycling. Suggest you retain the established, well-known brand “Tucson Velo.” Also suggest you put a very strong statement in the banner to the effect that Tucson Velo covers ped issues in the Old Pueblo as well as other local alt transpo issues…new ways to get around. Because that is how, surprise, surprise, in fact, how the site evolved in response to obvious need for coverage at a time of change.

    There is a tension between names/brands on the one hand and what is actually done under any name/ brand, on the other.

    Call it whatever you want, but really, what do you want to do with the site, able to do (that’s a biggie?) with the brand?

    2 cents.

  8. A velo is a two wheeled, single track vehicle and can be a road bike, mountain bike or anything in between. Tucson Velo is unique, established and, as someone else already commented, it flows easily. I think it would be a mistake to change it

  9. @zz sluggh Agree with Dave and Sluggh. Tucson Velo has a good name recognition. Always paid more attention to the content than the name to be honest.

  10. Like others have written, TucsonVelo rolls off the tongue more easily and seems cooler than BT. Agreed that a quick glance at the content shows that you cover all cycling styles, which is awesome.

  11. Velo simply means bike – there is no implication.  I wouldn’t change it to something longer.  Plus BicycleTucson sounds like a tourist site for guided bicycle tours around Tucson.  Like but for bikes.  Keep it as is.

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