Tucson voted the 7th best bicycling city by USA Today readers yesterday.

Tucson was one of 20 cycling destinations nominated by professional cyclist George Hincapie and voters narrowed the list down to the top 10 over the last four weeks.

Here’s the top 10:

After four weeks of voting by the public, the top 10 winners are:

  1. Davis, Calif.
  2. Fort Collins, Colo.
  3. Minneapolis
  4. Madison, Wis.
  5. Greenville, S.C.
  6. Chattanooga, Tenn.
  7. Tucson
  8. Durango, Colo.
  9. Sacramento
  10. Bend, Ore.

What do you think? About right or over/underrated?

3 thoughts on “Tucson makes USA Today Top 10 Bike City”
  1. I can’t say since I haven’t biked those cities. Have you? If so what’s your opinion on those cities you can compare to. I gotta think Madison is too damn cold during the winter to bike much, unless you’re a masochist  🙂

  2. Below are the Top 10 large cities by bicycle commuter share:
    1. Portland: 6.3%
    2. Seattle: 3.5%
    3. Minneapolis: 3.4%
    4. San Francisco: 3.4%
    5. Washington: 3.2%
    6. Oakland: 3.1%
    7. Tucson: 2.8%
    8. Denver: 2.4%
    9. New Orleans: 2.3%
    10. Sacramento: 2.2% 

    After four weeks of voting by the public, the top 10 winners are:Davis, Calif.Fort Collins, Colo.MinneapolisMadison, Wis.Greenville, S.C.Chattanooga, Tenn.TucsonDurango, Colo.SacramentoBend,  Ore.
    Minneapolis should be our new mentor, maybe.

  3. Wondering what the selection criterion was? Roadways, yes. Multi-use pathways, yes. Weather, yes. Support structure for cyclists – retail, service and direct support like fitting, yes. Cycling population, yes. Quality organizations and events for young and old, yes. Automobile driver courtesy and lawfulness towards cyclists, no. Law enforcement/crime prevention by the Authorities of standing traffic laws regarding cyclists – with cyclists being both victim and perpetrator, no. Contingent on the type of cycling – training for competition, commuting, general fitness, leisure, etc. – Tucson is at once a great cycling ‘destination’ and a scary/risky one, from the “training for competition” perspective. Every day I deal with automobile driver hostility and aggression, lack of understanding of current traffic law(s) and a blind lack of awareness that there are other vehicles on the road (speaking here of bicycles) as well as automobiles.

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