newyearThere were lots of memorable stories and events to hit Tucson’s bicycling community in 2012.

Perhaps the biggest story of the year was the shakeup in the Tucson Department of Transportation office.

Here’s a list of the 10 most popular stories of the year:

What stories stood out to you?

I am a complete numbers nerd, I love finding out how many miles you all rode this year. I ended up with 4,057 miles for the year. That’s down from 4,928 in 2011. How did you do?

Finally, any predictions for 2013? What will be the year’s big stories?

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4 thoughts on “2012: Tucson bicycling year in review”
  1. I finished 2012 just a few miles shy of 2200 miles. Mostly utilitarian rides. But bicycling to the post office and the bank is a whole lot more fun than driving.

    Wishing everyone safe and happy riding in the New Year!

  2. I’m returning to cycling for errands and exercise in 2013. Low mileage in 2012, but expecting a lot in 2013.

  3. I started using Strava late in May 2012 so I am sure mine would be over 2K miles but so far my Strava shows me at 1,393.6mi

  4. Prediction: Zero 3-foot citations by TPD in 2013. Unless one of the year’s 7 bike fatalities is involved.

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