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The shoulder along Toole Avenue has been cleared of debris and now allows cyclists to use it.

I posted almost a month ago about frequently passing by a section of Toole Avenue and being forced into the travel lane when a reasonable shoulder existed because the trees had been allowed to take over.

In the last day or two, the shoulder has been cleared allowing cyclist to use the shoulder. I would have preferred the trees have been groomed rather than removed, however.

Here are the before and after photos:






7 thoughts on “Before & After: Bike path cleared of debris”
  1. That is a tragedy! Way to go Streets Department… not like we would like some shade while we ride in town… Has Gary Wittwer seen this? But, hey, at least they were responsive to the needs of cyclists. <so disappointed>

  2. To be fair, Red Star, that side of the street butts up against rail road property and there is no reason to have a sidewalk there.

  3. Mtngoat Certainly, given the state of neglect, the trees were removed to keep future overgrowth from being the catalyst in a real tragedy.

  4. Bike Path?  This is not a bike path.  The city of Tucson bike map has that route designated as a bike route with a striped shoulder.  The striped shoulder abruptly dies as you approach the turn south towards Broadway.  Read Az Bike Law for why striped shoulders are confusing for automobiles and how their less than official status sets up confusion for cyclists and motorists and builds in inherent conflict between the 2 groups of road users.  Similar to the bike lanes on S 6th Ave that die into bump outs at 13th St and are completely within the door zone until you get to the underpass at the RR.  

    Ann Chanecka would say during her bike count trainings that the reason they were asking people to note sidewalk riding and wrong way riding was it indicated problems with the infrastructure.  I’d add to that list people honking and shouting at each other.

  5. @Orvis Cyclists and motorists have two common enemies: 1) Bump outs and 2) streetcars / tracks. Motorists just don’t know it yet how much they’re going to hate the streetcars….in their lanes. At least they can pass bicycles.

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