There is little else that brings me as much satisfaction as passing a line of cars on my bike. My daily commute takes me north on Mountain Avenue and cars backup waiting for the light at Grant Road and the stop sign at Glenn Road. What are your favorite bike commute moments?


5 thoughts on “GIF: One of my favorite bike commute moments”
  1. leaving the house at the same time as people in a car and beating them to the destination

  2. Like you, I really love never having to wait through one or two additional light cycles when traffic backs up.
    On a bike, it’s just so easy to get to the stop sign or stop light, wait, proceed safely through when it’s my turn, and make good time.
    The average travel speed of a bike might be less than a car, but that is more than compensated for by not sitting in long lines of idling vehicles.

  3. I like watching the sunrise or the moon set (depends on time of year) and being able to talk to people I see along the way. It is also fun to find out when people are in town for “training” and sit on their wheel on my ute, hahaha.

  4. I enjoy random stuff. The other night, I passed Salpointe High School on my commute, where they had a big to-do football game going on. Two happy school boys on the sidewalk highfived every cyclist riding by. 🙂

  5. The convenience of going directly to my office, rather than finding parking in some distant lot, is also great.

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