Happy Labor Day everyone!

I’ll be out and about in the morning getting in a few last training sessions for the Xterra I am racing in on Sunday.

This past Saturday, I spent the morning riding 16 miles of trail out 50 Year Trail from Catalina State Park as well as a 5-mile trail run on another trail in the area.

It’s the first time I’ve ridden that trail and I really enjoyed it. It got me thinking about favorite routes and trails in the Tucson area.

It’s hard to pick of course, but what are your favorite routes — road or trail — in the area?

Enjoy your day and get some miles in on the “official” last day of summer.

One thought on “Happy Labor Day”
  1. There are so many factors, one is almost forced to say “it all depends.”

    Favorite fast weekend early (very) east-west or west-east on a decent road bike seeking speed and distance, good pavement and out-the-door convenience: Broadway. (though sunrise can be annoying) Broadway opens door to Spanish Trail and Colossal Cave.

    North-south/south-north: Swan, or possibly Columbus (up to a point).

    For pottering around on any sturdy bike other than a decent road bike: most any Tucson neighborhood street will do.

    Overnight/credit card trips: US 89 to Green Valley or Rio Rico. And back–timing is important.

    Away from all it: rural Nevada or New Mexico. Easy. But you have to haul the bikes there.

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