Harlow uses Tu Nidito's services to help cope with the loss of his mother.
Harlow uses Tu Nidito’s services to help cope with the loss of his mother.

Apologies for the pledge drive pitch, but I am in a heated battle with Tucson Weekly editor Dan Gibson and could use your help raising money for Tu Nidito. It’s a battle of the news publications. Can the editor of a small independent website take down the big bad Tucson Weekly editor?

Background: Dan Gibson’s wife is in charge of Tu Nidito’s El Tour de Tucson Ride for a Child program. I spoke with her about the program for this story. She wanted me to sign up for their Ride for a Child program. Knowing Dan wasn’t much of a bike rider,  I jokingly said I’d do it if he would sign up and ride the 42-mile version.

Two weeks later I got a message that Dan was signed up for the ride. Honoring my word, I signed up too. That wasn’t enough, though. Now there is a friendly competition to see who can raise the most amount of money for the program. I currently have the lead, but have no doubt he has something in the works to pull ahead.

This is my first time participating in the Tu Nidito program. I’m riding for 7-year-old Harlow. Tu Nidito says he is a playful, smart and loving young boy. He loves to play any kind of sport involving a ball; his favorites are football and basketball. Harlow is the kind of person who can turn anything into a game. His favorite color is red.

Shortly after Harlow’s mother died in 2011, he and his sister starting attending a support group at Tu Nidito. He looks forward to coming to each group, has started to share in group and has started to bond with the other kids. Coming to Tu Nidito has given him the tools he needs to talk about his mother. Through both free time and directed activities, Tu Nidito allows children like Harlow to process their grief in a healthy way and at their own natural pace.

How to donate: If you want to help support this charity or help me put my buddy Dan in his place, please consider donating a couple bucks here: http://tunidito.kintera.org/rideforachild/michaelmckisson

If you can’t, which I totally understand, would you consider sharing the link with your friends?

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