2 Wheelin’ in Tucson: A paraplegic returns to cycling



25 Things I Love About Family Bicycling: #1 Mama Mittens

St. Louis County: We Don’t Build Bike Lanes Because No One Bikes

10 Cycling Blogs I am Thankful For

Mapping the Consequences of Our Automobile Addiction

“Each dot represents a life” – Map shows impact of roadway carnage


Cycling to power in DR Congo?


2 thoughts on “Link roundup: November 25”
  1. This is in the list, http://map.itoworld.com/road-casualties-usa#

    It’s an interactive map of roadway deaths from 2001-2009  You can zoom it in and out and it breaks down by type, automobiles, motorcycles etc and it gives you the age and year.  Really an incredible map.  Go to Daytona Beach Florida and the nimber of motorcycle deaths is striking.  Here you can find all of the recent ghost bikes easily.  

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