This is a continuation of a contest I launched last week. We are asking people to send in copies of the letters they submit to public officials about the proposed bicycle parking code changes. Get all the details about the contest to win a free breakfast at our sponsor, The B Line. Please submit your letters today! The contest will end on Monday evening and the winner will be announced Tuesday morning.

I’ll post one of my favorite letters each day. So far I’ve had these people submit their letters:

  • Dan M. 2 entries
  • Janet M. 2 entries
  • Marysue S. 2 entries
  • Ezra R. 1 entry
  • Aida A, 1 entry
  • Frank T. 2 entries
  • Matt Z. 2 entries
  • Charles M. 2 entries

Please submit your letters to get entered into the contest.

Charles M. submitted this letter that emailed to the council and Mayor:

I am writing in opposition to the recent City Planning Commission
recommendations to reduce the bike parking regulations for new

The Planning Commission is currently recommending that bicycle parking
requirements be loosened to allow bicycle parking within 75 feet of
main entrances (as opposed to the current 50 foot required) and that
that minimum bike parking requirements be based on minimum car parking

I am sure that you are aware of that persuasive arguments against
these recommendations have been made and are presented on local sites
such as and
– to which I will add my own opinion against these recommendations:

When I imagine a better Tucson in 10 years it is impossible not to
imagine more bicycle commuters, more pedestrians, improved public
transportation and friendlier streets for all of these activities!
Automobiles are important for Tucson and I hope that appropriate and
safe infrastructure for automobile traffic continues to be developed
and maintained – but I have a very hard time imagining a great future
for Tucson that involves more cars and more lanes for car travel…

Please support cyclists in Tucson and reject the recommendations above
– we should do everything possible to encourage cycling and support
infrastructure – such as great bike parking – that will help build a
better future for Tucson!

Thanks for your time,

Charles M.

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