stolentools1Shorty after several new repair stands were installed along the Rillito and Santa Cruz rivers were installed, we reported the theft of several tools from the stand at Mountain Avenue and the Rillito River.

Several commenters said tools were missing at other locations.

In the times since we first reported the theft, the rest of the tools have been stolen.

The tools included:

  1. Philips and flat head screwdrivers ($10 for the pair)
  2. 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm Allen wrenches ($8)
  3. Torx wrench ($10)
  4. Headset wrench ($14)
  5. Pedal wrench ($11)
  6. 8, 9, 10, 11mm box wrenches ($12)
  7. Two tire levers ($24)

Total: $89

I’ve added the prices for Park Tool brand tools, which are generally considered good tools. I am not sure what brand were being used in the repair stations, but they were not Park Tools. Also, it’s unlikely a thief would be able to get retail value for the tools.

In total there were approximately $89 is tools that were stolen, plus the damage to the cables.

The pump still works, though.

For those of you who ride the Loop, are there any tools left on the other locations?



6 thoughts on “Photo: The pump still works…”
  1. As of couple days ago, they were all there at the St. Mary’s and Santa Cruz River path station…

  2. Hey, fellow readers:
    Do you think the county should spend the money to replace these…maybe continuously?

  3. The tools at Camino del Cerro are still there. 
    PS. Except for the screwdrivers they are all Park Tools.

  4. Maybe a re-design to make the tools harder to steal (thicker cables, chains), or some surveillance cameras…or just signs that say there are cameras….I’m sure there is a solution to this, but it may be cost prohibitive. ¬†Glad that some of the tools are still around and realistically the pump is the tool that is needed the most.

  5. Would it be possible to have a lockbox that opens with a credit card or the magnetic strip on your driver’s license?¬† There has to be some kind of solution to this that involves robots. ¬†
     Or the City can spend $89.00 a week replacing the tools.  They could probably get volunteers to do the actual replacing.  Eventually there will be a total saturation of bike tools in the pawn shops and people will steal them a little less frequently.

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