It’s that time of year again. Students and their families are descending on the University of Arizona campus this week.

In addition to the new distracted drivers on the streets, many of those streets are closed for streetcar construction or just reopening after being closed for several months.

What does that mean for cyclists? Chaos. Distracted drivers and detours could make for a dangerous mix for cyclists.

Cyclists should be extra vigilant while riding around the University and Fourth Avenue area.

Here’s a gallery of student cyclists we shot on the first day of classes last year. Classes start on Monday.

8 thoughts on “Prepare for chaos on the roads around the UA”
  1. Additionally, Highland Ave is closed for the next three days.  So as far as I can tell, with that and the effing street car there is not a good way to get through UA.

  2. Effing streetcar? You snagged the words right off-a my keyboard, Bluebike.

    I’m still scratching my head, trying to figure out who’s going to ride the thing. Last I checked, UA students were glued to their cars. Not much bicycling in that crowd, although there’s more than there was during the 1990s.

    Likewise, non-students. Are they really going to hop onto the streetcar for a ride Downtown? It’s not like there’s no place to park down there.

    Methinks the streetcar would have been much more useful if it had been routed along a major corridor the way it was in Phoenix.

  3. The intersection of 4th Ave. and University Blvd. is now closed. Get around on 4th St. (bumpy street) or 2nd St. (bumpier street).

  4. I may have mentioned this before, but Tucson’s “light rail” debacle reminds me irrepressibly of the Simpsons’ “monorail” episode.  I can’t help but picture some fast-talking huckster in a straw hat singing and dancing through a city council meeting.
    “I swear, it’s Tucson’s only choice!
    Throw up your hands and raise your voice!
    What’s it called?
    Once again!

  5. 1. My new Mini-Dorm neighbors give me the feeling that all the rage, for people who can afford it, has moved to the new apartment buildings on sixth and sixth… So maybe it will work?? Don’t have my hopes up.

    2. What’s scarier the first two weeks of school? Kids who don’t know how to drive, or kids who’ve never walked or ridden a bike in their lives, then trying it out on campus? Depends on the situation I guess, but I know exactly what crazy thing a car will try, a noob pedestrian? – no clue…

    3. I’m still hoping the streetcar will be okay. But for cyclists, and I’ll say it a million times, it all depends on how they stripe the roads.

    (3rd ave is still open at university by time market for the time being btw)

  6. I have a friend whose son used to manage one of those upscale student apartment complexes.

    Based on what my friend told me, I gathered that those complexes are already competing fiercely for a very small pool of customers. Despite what we may think, the UA doesn’t have that many affluent students.

    And it seems as if this year’s hot place to live will be next year’s Dullsville. So, look for changing demographics in those complexes very soon.

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