Two local transportation planners are attending the Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2010 conference in Chattanooga, Tenn..

Ann Chanecka, a Pima Association of Governments planner, and Tom Thivener, the City of Tucson’s bike and pedestrian program manager, will alternate sending updates each night about the most interesting sessions and information they learn each day.

Here is Chanecka’s update from day two of the conference:

Information overload!  It’s been really great to get recharged and remind myself why I went into the transportation field.  That said, I’ve had a couple main thoughts over the past couple days as I’ve sat in the sessions:

1.  We have it good in Tucson.  All the folks who have been working on bike issues in Tucson for years and decades have really done a fantastic job. I need to say a big thank you.  Our infrastructure, our programs and our culture are really great for promoting cycling.
2.  There’s still so much we can do.  While in many ways we’re a great region for cycling, we can’t stop now.  I have been reminded just what is possible with motivation and support.  Being here has given me a lot of big picture, pie in the sky ideas as well as a lot of concrete ideas I’d like to implement immediately.
Tomorrow is my last day of sessions and then I hop on a plane to return to Tucson.  I’ve met a lot of inspiring people doing great things in the field.  My favorite quote has also been from Gil Penalosa, “We have to find solutions to the problems, not problems to the solutions.”
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