University of Arizona students and their families are filing back into Tucson this week, which means there will be drivers unfamiliar with our roadways.

The campus, which is a hub for many bicycle commuters and recreational riders, will be chaotic for the next few weeks.

In addition to the often chaotic move in days, which officially start on Thursday, the stoplight at Park Avenue and University Boulevard has once again been activated.

It was turned on and tested in June, but quickly returned to flashing red. During the short time it was tested, it was common to see cars, bikes and pedestrians run the light.

The light was reactivated this week and is already causing confusion and the majority of students are not on campus yet.

If you regularly ride through campus be alert and expect the unpredictable.



3 thoughts on “Returning UA students and traffic changes on campus”
  1. Yeah the light caught me off guard yesterday almost ran it. Cyclist next to me went right thru. Maybe a “signal change” sign or something would have helped but I guess we should have just been paying more attention.

  2. I ride through that intersection at least twice a day. For the next week, it will probably be 4-6 times a day. The light is fairly frustrating if you are coming from the U of A heading west. The first time I went through it, I waited while every direction except mine got a green light, twice. I eventually just ran it. I don’t normally do that.¬†
    But maybe they tweeked it, because now it seems to be changing more regularly. I am not sure if this is going to be better than a four way stop. I do believe it is a lot more expensive. I imagine that the bicyclists are going to run this like crazy (and some cars too).
    The first couple weeks of school is a nightmare. This is the most dangerous commute I have ever had.

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