Screen-shot-2011-11-27-at-9.12.57-AMSweetwater Preserve — the trail system west of Tucson — was rated the fourth most scenic trail system in the west by this week.

The rating stemmed from a reader survey asking users to rate 20 western trails.

Sweetwater was one of three Arizona trails in the top 20. The other two trails were:

Voters narrowed the list down to five and Sweetwater nabbed the fourth spot.

Here’s the whole list:

What do you think? Is the ranking warranted?

2 thoughts on “Sweetwater gets some love from”
  1. I’m simply grateful it’s a preserve, and not the proposed ~250 houses that might have been built instead!

  2. I’m not sure if it’s warranted having not ridden all of them, but it certainly is unique scenery. I find myself stopping to take photos on most of my Sweetwater rides.

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