Photos courtesy Jorgiana Jake.
Photos courtesy Jorgiana Jake.


It’s not just mountain bikers and hikers that have to wonder whether their car windows will be intact when they return from their rides.

Tucson Velo reader Jorgiana Jake messaged us on Facebook to let us know thieves had struck at a parking lot along The Loop on Saturday.

Jake was out for a spin Saturday on the Rillito River Path and when she returned to her car, which was parked in a Loop parking lot along River Road near where the street turns to Thornydale Road. When she returned, she found her car had been broken into.

Recreation areas have always been a hot spot for thieves because people often leave their cars for long periods of time, but they aren’t as congested with people coming and going frequently.

When you leave your car, be sure to take anything valuable with you or park your car in a more populated place and ride a few extra yards to the path.

5 thoughts on “Thieves hit parking lot along The Loop”
  1. That’s terrible. That lot gets full most weekends, but it’s still highly visible. As you say though, there isn’t a lot of activity there.
    I’ve considered doing a park-and-ride there but not now.

  2. I work just up the road from there, and stop by frequently as I am passing through on bike or park there to go jogging sometimes. The ‘clientele’ has been getting increasingly strange here, lately.

  3. If you ever are considering a park-and-ride location check the parking lot for any signs of automobile glass. There was a park-and-ride I was considering at Reid Park but seeing the remains of a car window between the parking spots led me to think it wasn’t a very good place to leave my car.

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