, a Tucson Velo sponsor, is in the running for Arizona’s Greenest Business award and you can help them win it.

You can vote for TriSports once a day until September 30. Vote here.

Didn’t know they were a green company? Here are a few things they are doing, which TriSports highlighted in a blog post:

The first things you see upon arriving at are the enormous water harvesting tanks, located at each end of the building.  One of the largest systems in Arizona, the tanks hold a combined 36,000 gallons of water (and are currently full)! Water is collected from the roof, both rain and condensate from the evap coolers, and goes to cover the landscaping needs.  These tanks are also a City of Tucson Water Harvesting Demonstration Site.

By year end, the tanks will be joined by a 128kW solar array that will cover approximately 90% of the building’s energy usage.  Panels will be located on the roof, as well as being constructed as part of two shade structures over the parking lot.  This is something we’ve been striving for since we moved into this building and we are super excited to see it come to fruition!

Along with the very visible “green” features that has in place, there are many other programs and processes in place. The employees are all dedicated to lowering their environmental footprint, so ideas come from everyone on what can be done to this end.  Some of these efforts include:

  • Dual light controls in office spaces, along with plenty of natural light, so everyone thinks twice before flipping those switches.
  • Zoned A/C throughout to ensure that only the spaces being used are being cooled.
  • Extensive recycling – the recycling container is about 4x larger than the trash container, and it doesn’t stop with paper. We recycle the pallets that bring our shipments to us, the boxes that come in our back door, clothing, shoes, bike parts and more!
  • Commuter program which encourages employees to bike to work by giving them a credit for every mile they commute, along with contests and awards to make it fun and interactive.
  • Herman Miller furniture throughout, most of which is made from recycled material and can be recycled after its useful life.
  • Carpet tiles made from recycled materials, which also make it easy to replace small areas rather than having to entirely re-carpet if something were to damage it.
  • Greenbox program which gives our customers the option to receive a recycled box and packing material instead of new (about 90% of our customers choose this option).
  • Shoe collection program which donates collected shoes to a local non-profit for reuse within the Tucson community.
  • Bike parts are donated to Resource Revival to be re-made into art and awards.


4 thoughts on “TriSports in running for Arizona’s greenest business award”
  1. I imagine they mean condensation from the air conditioners and not evap coolers.

    What is the massive amount of water used for around the property?  I remember a number of trees, but 36,000 gallons is a ton of water (or more appropriately 150 tons).   I would love to have a fraction of that in water collection and storage!  

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