This poem was written and submitted by Tucson Velo reader, Coghauler last year. Thanks to Cog and a very Merry Christmas to everyone.

‘Twas the night before Christmas and out on the street,
everybody was cycling and, man, was it neat!

The fixies were hopping at the stop signs with care,
coz TucsonBikeLawyer said the cops would be there!

El Grupo was racing, staying in a line straight.
Ignacio was beaming, saying, “Hey, ain’t they great?”

And Mom on her Surly and me on my Trek,
Were loaded with presents, trying hard not to wreck!

When over on 6th Street there came such a noise,
The whole group did a u-ie, but maintained their poise.

And over to Bicas they pedalled like crazy,
Three fell on the tracks saying, “Oh, woopsey-daisy”.

Into the lot the cyclists tore,
Looking this way and that to find out the score.

They just couldn’t figure, so gathered around
That one lowly window and here’s what they found.

One huge cargo bike and Eight La Supremas;
A ton of new bike parts and the one we call Claus.

He spoke not a word and got real busy.
Just standing there watching made everyone dizzy.

He gave the wheels new tires and put the bikes all in rows.
He oiled the chains and got grease on his nose.

He fixed all the Peugeots, the Raleighs and Schwinns;
put wheels on the racks and parts in the bins.

But before the Supremas gave the cargo a lift.
Lights, helmets and bells were the bikes’ final gift.

And he said as he left flying o’er the freight train,
“Merry Christmas to all and bikes may use full lane.”

5 thoughts on “Twas the night before Christmas… bike style”
  1. I hope the Fat Man’s bag has a set of 303 Firecrest clinchers and Campy SRM crank in it.  That would make me believe in Santa.

    Happy holidays to all.

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