photobikedate 1On Friday, Irene and I were able to sneak out of the house for a bike date. The original plan was to get sushi and then head to the movies.

We were time crunched and couldn’t make the start of the movies we wanted to see. We looked for something to do, but couldn’t find anything that appealed to us.

Instead we decided to let the bike ride be our entertainment for the night. We knew our destination — Fourth Avenue for coffee and pie— but it was the route we left of to chance.

We took a long circuitous route winding through neighborhoods and enjoyed the conversation and the surroundings.

It’s been so long since I’ve had a pressure free bike ride. Generally there is pressure to get to work on time. Pressure to get home in two hours. Pressure to squeeze a ride in at all. Pressure to get more miles in because who knows when I’ll get to ride again.

A ride without time limits, a ride without the everyday pressures, was better than any movie or concert would have been.

We eventually made our way to Fourth Avenue to discover it was closed to cars because of the Street Fair. What a treat.

photobikedate 2

Rides like that are a good reminder about the pure joy a bicycle can provide.


One thought on “When biking is the date-night entertainment”
  1. That just brought a smile to my face, as well as one of my fondest memory “pictures”. It was decades ago. I was out for a walk, just as it was getting to the twilight hour and found myself coming up behind to an elderly couple who were riding old bikes with adult training wheels. They were riding very slowly, laughing and talking and all the while managing to hold hands. It was such a beautiful sight… Yeah, I’d say bike dates nights are right up there with great sunsets and cute puppies =)

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