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2 thoughts on “Link roundup: December 24”

    It’s a response by Jarrett Walker to this one in the Globe and Mail

    from Jarrett:

    “Everyone should know how to respond to articles like this, because we’ll keep seeing them. The comments on the article (“Wendell Cox is an idiot”) are not encouraging. Wendell Cox is not an idiot. He is part of a reactionary process that accompanies every revolution, one that we’ll hear more from. He’s a smart man who knows exactly what he’s doing. Take time to understand the point of view. Many people’s brains are so fused with their cars that to them, congestion really is the same thing as urban mobility or urban liberty. . . .  
    So first you have to object by shining light on that premise. TTI, and by extension Canada’s leading newspaper, believes that certain people do not exist or do not matter — namely everyone who already travels by transit, bike, or foot, and everyone who can imagine choosing not to drive in the face of real and attractive choices.”

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