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6 thoughts on “Link roundup: February 13”
  1. Beware…
    La Policia have migrated east from 3rd/Treat to 3rd/Camino Miramonte (an expansive and relatively benign intersection)!

    yesterday, midday.

    This is an intersection they haven’t milked in a zillion years.  It’s impossible for Red Star to know from the data whether they are actually writing citations or being annoying.

  2. Red Star I truly do not understand why that intersection is a 4-way stop. They should just remove those stop signs on 3rd St at Camino Miramonte but continue to stop N/S traffic.

  3. @zz  There’s a decent sub sandwich (if one is into that) place near 3rd/Camino Miramonte, Jersey Mike’s. They can observe their brunch/lunch being prepared. Perhaps it’s an economic development thing?

  4. @nugget Agree. Years ago, around the turn of the century, 24/7 flashing red lights where installed on top of the stop signs on Camino Miramonte at 3rd. Couldn’t miss them. A few months later they were gone. Perhaps a neighbor objected or the grant ran out. Many neighborhood streets have become mini-arterials, or, connectors, Camino Miramonte being one example. A sign and symptom of dysfunction. 
    The main thing for COT DOT is to bring bike share to Tucson. Our Mayor is very serious and determined…

  5. How a “skeevy crackhead” took up bike touring. By David Carr.

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