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6 thoughts on “Link roundup: February 19”
  1. Week-end street debate: ME, 5th/6th street back in the 80’s was one lane each direction with a left turn lane. Cones in the morning and afternoon made it  2 & 1 east or west depending on the time of day.
    TDOT PERSON, says 5th/6th street has always been two lanes each direction and the cones made it  3 & 1 east or west depending on the time of day.
    I think I’m absolutely right, but who can argue with TDOT.   Anybody?  Got memory?

  2. @zz  I think it was 2 lanes no left turn but there was street parking so it was effectively one lane in either direction for a lot of it.  I know with certainty that 5th St was 2 lanes in either direction because I was in a Plymouth Fury going around that bend just east of Country 
    Club and the car was sideswiped by a car in the inside lane.  We had nowhere to go because there was oncoming traffic.

  3. @Orvis Wouldn’t there have to have been the left turn lane so that the cones would make the two and one. It was like Grant on a smaller scale with the cones designating the reversible lane.

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