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One thought on “Link roundup: February 5”
  1. Tremendous to see the Black Hawk ban has been struck down. I “rode” through there a few years ago on a bike tour some friends and I were doing. As we entered the town we had to dismount and walk our bikes for about 3/4 of a mile or so. Ironically, for much of the route down the main street we had to walk in the traffic lane because it was unsuitable to walk the bikes on the narrow sidewalks, where they existed. So they had banned bicycling because they considered it unsafe, but exposed bicyclists to greater danger by forcing them to walk in part in the traffic lanes.
    It’s definitely a steep road through town where you could potentially get up to 40 mph on a bike on a 25 mph speed limit. However, they just need to enforce the speed limits for both vehicles and bikes and that will deal with the speed-related safety problems, if there are any.

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