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2 thoughts on “Link roundup: March 17”
  1. From ‘Streetcar Route Poses Threat To Cyclists’…….
    “You’re going to kill somebody on one of these things because
    of the way the streetcar was laid out.  And we’re going to map it for
    them, and we’re going to give it to TDOT, and we’re going to say, ‘you guys
    figure out a solution,'” said Ward Six Tucson City Council member Steve
    Kozachik.  “There are going to be accidents all over the place with this thing.  It
    was a bad design,” he said.
    I am nauseated by this. Did Steve-o just get back from an extended trip somewhere?? Are the universal vibrations from cyclists’ clamorings over this just now reaching him?  Ow……my stomach….

  2. @zz  Well you know the solution I like don’t you zz.  No parking cars on 4th Ave.  Cyclists have been howling since this project was in design phase.  I’m not sure why Steve just woke up out of his deep slumber and figured out that there might be a problem here.  

    Why we’re so upset by the way is the city has taken what was once a superbly useful 25 mph bicycle friendly corridor set into downtown( University/4th Ave)  and made it difficult and dangerous to ride bicycles on.  If the Modern Street Car is such a wonderful economic development tool hwy are we deploying it in an area that was already prosperous and thriving to begin with?  Even downtown was on the mend and Main Gate sure didn’t need any help.  

    Anyone else besides me notice how rapid the rate of acceleration the st cars achieves is?  They get moving in a hurry.  I’m not sure this is the tone they want to be setting for traffic pacing on the Avenue.

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