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3 thoughts on “Link roundup: May 12”
  1. Camera detection is pretty haphazard….the pucks worked well, but how many cyclists even know they are there. (They were freebies, anyway, so we’ll not see any more of those)
    West bound University at 4th Ave is most annoying. Camera only picks up bikes if they’re in that left turn lane(to insure streetcar detection). Continuing west, you just have to crash it. That position has a leading-left signal and no one knows it…..drivers scowl when bikes go left and east bound still has red. That leading left is too short for streetcar to clear the intersection. East bound sits in green while streetcar is still blocking it.  There’s more, but  I’d have to be on the payroll.

  2. @zz  Every Sunday I run the light at Tucson Mall and Stone that allows you to cross to Tohono Tadai.  You’d just sit there until a car came if you waited and believe me, I have. 

    Mtn Bike lane at Grant Rd heading south.  Will somebody please please please set up a sting operation there.  Every time I go through there with queued traffic at the light somebody uses the bike lane as a right turn lane.

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